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 New Tactics and Prestige systems

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PostSubject: New Tactics and Prestige systems   Fri Oct 17, 2014 8:20 pm

These systems will be implemented on October 22nd, 2014.

DB's full post about it is available here: http://www.disruptorbeam.com/blog/entry/a-detailed-overview-of-the-quartermaster-and-tactics


- new currency
- persists through reincarnation/Alliances
- can be earned through in-game actions (i.e. PtP, Adventures, AvA) and through the Quartermaster (from supply boxes)
- Prestige earned through in-game actions is capped at 2000 per day; Quartermaster supply boxes have no limit
- is used to purchase Tactics
- more Prestige opens up more Tactics that help you and your Alliance

Prestige: Quartermaster

- new shop, accessible through Alliance interface
- can purchase supply boxes with Quartermaster keys
- up to two keys can be earned per day; more can be purchased
- keys persist through reincarnation
- hitting the 2000 Prestige daily limit will earn you a Quartermaster key
- logging in will earn you 1 key per day, as long as you're a member of an Alliance
- only 2 keys can be held at a time--don't hold on to them, use them at the Quartermaster whenever you can!
- Quartermaster supply boxes can hold seals, Prestige, peerless items, and many more goodies!


- only available to people in an Alliance
- accessible through Alliance interface
- purchased with Prestige
- active for a period of time before expiring
- can be deactivated/reactivated, and swapped out
- Tactics are lost if you leave an Alliance
- two main kinds of Tactics: Member Tactics and Alliance Tactics
- Member Tactics effects individuals; they're cheaper and include effects such as speeding up actions, increasing XP earned by SS, etc.
- Alliance Tactics are more expensive but effect the whole Alliance, and include effects such as stat bonuses, speed increases for AvA, speed increases for Quests/Adventures, etc.
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New Tactics and Prestige systems
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