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 PtP overview

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PostSubject: PtP overview   Wed Aug 06, 2014 5:27 pm

You can engage other players in GoT:A through nine kinds of actions. These actions can be performed either in Response or Initiated against another player. Either Responding or Initiating will use a Command Point.

A SS can be set to Respond to incoming actions by assigning them to Patrol by selecting a SS, clicking Player-to-Player and selecting Patrol. When assigning them to Patrol, you'll be able to choose which kind of action to respond to. This will make the SS automatically Respond to any incoming PtP actions of that type for the next 7 days (which is why the timer under their name will change to 6D 23H). You can recall them from the Patrol at any point. Generally, you should only leave an SS to patrol for non-harmful PtP actions, such as Barter and Aid, since your SS won't receive wounds from failure.

Initiating actions against other players works much like sending an SS out on a quest, except you can use any of the nine actions. You can Initiate actions through your Keep, your Friends List, or through the PtP button on the right side of the screen. Initiate through the keep by selecting a SS and clicking Player-to-Player then Initiate. The PtP button will have categories for Random, Friends, and Recent that you can Target. For Friends, find them on your Friends list, click View Profile on their name, and the PtP button will be above their portrait.

The easiest way to send someone multiple actions is through the Friends List.

You can only send the same player 3 harmful PtP actions per day, but there is no limit on helpful actions.

Finally, seals are earned through winning PtP actions. You can use the common seals to craft much better ones at your Fealty buildings, and targeting players of a particular Fealty grants a small chance to win the seal of that Fealty. 400 PtP wins are also a bonus objective in Volume 1 Chapter 10 that gets you the Obsidian Dagger, a permanent item with 20 to all stats and +5% to all attacks.

The nine actions, and their results if the Initiator is successful, are as follows:

Fight (harm)Gains silverLoses silver
Harass (harm)N/ALoses silver
Aid (help)N/AGains a virtue
Barter (help)Gains more silverGains less silver
Swindle (harm)Gains more silverGains much less silver
Bribe (help)N/ARemoves fault
Spy (neutral)Reveals informationN/A
Sabotage (harm)N/AGains a fault
Steal (harm)Gains silverLoses silver
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PtP overview
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