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 Character Progression: Intermediate

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PostSubject: Character Progression: Intermediate   Wed Aug 06, 2014 11:36 pm

Now that you've gotten all the basics down, here are some intermediate tips.

Get your main stat to at least 200. Do this through character gear and building upgrades.

Invest your Talent points in +% attack bonuses to the actions of your main stat. Each of the three actions in each stat has a corresponding talent, so invest in all three of these for your chosen stat (i.e. if Battle is your stat, invest in +% Harass, Fight, and Aid). Your Fealty will also have an additional talent that adds strength to one of the three substats, so invest in this as well.

Invest in the Adventure Party talent. This allows you to send out multiple SS to the same adventure at the same time, which will become important (and convenient) later on. It becomes available at level 20, and can be put to use via the Adventure Party tab in the Keep.

Use your SS to gather common resources. You'll need more resources than your Village Centre can produce. Completing the easy V1 adventures it the quickest way to build up large stockpiles of common resources. Click the Treasure Chest icon on the adventure to see what resources it can give you.

Try to have as many SS as you have Command Points (CP), plus a few extra. Every CP is potential silver and resources! You can view how many CP you have in the Adventure Party tab of the Keep. You get 1 additional CP every 5 levels, and at level 90 there is a Fealty talent to get 1 extra CP. In addition, you'll want a few spare SS to handle quests and boss challenges, since those don't use up CP.

Don't leave your SS idle! They don't have a union, so they don't need breaks. Always have them doing something, whether it's questing or adventuring.

Produce as much Bread from the Sept as often as you can. Bread speeds up quests and adventures by 30 minutes, so it's another commodity you can never have enough of.

Consider whether you want to reincarnate. You might have completed volume 1 and noticed the Cycle of Rebirth by now, which allows you to reincarnate. Reincarnating is a process that will make your character much stronger in the long run, but it's entirely optional. Read this post for more on Reincarnating: http://gota-abwb.team-talk.net/t10-reincarnation-overview
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Character Progression: Intermediate
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