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 NEW: ability to re-train SS and a 'Sell All' button

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PostSubject: NEW: ability to re-train SS and a 'Sell All' button   Wed Jan 07, 2015 12:16 pm


Everyone has made that mistake early in their account where they specialized a Sworn Sword in something they regretted.  With Monday, January 12th's upcoming build, SS can be retrained. Retraining starts at two gold, and goes up by one gold every time you retrain that specific Sworn Sword. So for my first retraining, it costs me two gold, but my next one would cost me three gold for that specific Sworn Sword. Note that it’s two gold to return all points, NOT per point!

It’s important to note that retraining a Sworn Sword does not make that Sworn Sword permanent. Unlike unlocking a Seal Slot, this will not turn a non-permanent Sworn Sword into a permanent Sworn Sword - this just returns training points for that Sworn Sword.

In addition, if you click on sell for an item with a quantity of one, nothing will change. However, if you click on an item with a quantity greater than one, you get a new pop-up asking you how many of the item to sell. Sell entire stacks at once!
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NEW: ability to re-train SS and a 'Sell All' button
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