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 AvA: Phantom CP being consumed

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PostSubject: AvA: Phantom CP being consumed   Mon Jan 26, 2015 5:10 pm

If you have CP being consumed even though you have absolutely verified that there shouldn't be any SS anywhere (none in camps, on PtP, or Adventures), the following fix may work for you.

Firstly, if you have the R'hllor Temple's Gold upgrade (the Statue of Azor Ahai, which ALL dragon hunters will have eventually) it may be causing this glitch. The Statue of Azor Ahai has a 25% chance to immediately resurrect a slain SS with no penalty. When triggered, it will resurrect the SS to the camp they were killed in; however, they will not be in the garrison list and will essentially be unusable, phantom swords. If you think this is what happened, skip to the numbered steps below to see how to fix.

Alternatively, if you have an SS in a camp during AvA and send them out to engage a camp, a 'Results' button will appear for them in the Keep. If these SS are killed while in garrison before you get rid of this 'Results' button, THEY SOMETIMES STILL CONSUME CP. To avoid this:

- Try and check the Results on all of the SS you can in a timely manner (or send them all out again as quickly as possible as this gets rid of the Results button). This is a good idea in general because SS out on AvA attacks can't be wounded/killed.
- If an SS is killed while they still have the 'Results' button, CHECK THE RESULTS BEFORE RESURRECTING OR REPLACING THEM. This will usually prevent the CP from being consumed.

If you have CP already being consumed by these phantom SS, you can regain your CP by:

1. Go to the War Map, and click 'Go' beside another Alliance's name in the region where your SS was/were killed.
2. Use the 'SEND ALL' button, with whatever action is suitable.
3. Use the War Map to target a camp again. Thus time select the 'SINGLE' SS option against a camp. The phantom SS that are consuming your CP will appear (yes, even though you supposedly sent them all).
4. Remember the SS's names (i.e. screenshot them), and go find them in your Keep. Chances are when you find them, they will have a "Results" button. Press it, and the regular camp buttons "View Camp" and "Remove from garrison" will reappear. Use the "Remove from garrison" button on those little blighters, and you'll have regained your CP!
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AvA: Phantom CP being consumed
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