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 IMPORTANT: many changes coming to GoTA (including no more WE)

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PostSubject: IMPORTANT: many changes coming to GoTA (including no more WE)   Wed Jan 28, 2015 5:16 pm

For full details, read DB's blog post here: http://www.disruptorbeam.com/blog/entry/adventure-balancing-world-events-and-what-is-a-hackathon

A summary of the changes is here:

- no more World Events in their current form. What does this mean about the WE items we've been getting and evolving? Unknown at the moment, they may appear either as AvA rewards or as AvA participation rewards (DB is discussing this).
-“old” AvA format for at least the next few months. No more Stage 1, 2, or 3--basically the entire 5 weeks is Stage 2
-week of February 2nd to February 9th: Off week. No prep week for AvA - camps will remain locked.
-weeks of February 9th to March 2nd: AvA weeks.
-week of March 2nd to March 9th: Off week. No prep week for AvA - camps will remain locked.
-weeks of March 9th to March 30th: AvA weeks.

-rebalance of for first three volumes of adventures. This includes some new items, difficulty changes, duration changes, as well as a 're-balance' of drop rates on existing items (including uncommon resources). Does 're-balance' mean increase or decrease? We'll have to find out, but "much, much fairer" adventures sounds promising!
-new versions of blue and red gems. All currently owned Blue Gems will be converted into Common Blue Gems. Common Blue Gems will add +2 Luck to a single crafting attempts, the new Uncommon Blue Gems will add +3 Luck, and the new Peerless Blue Gems will add +7 Luck (and will cost Gold to get). All currently owned Red Gems will be converted into Uncommon Red Gems, which add +50% chance to have a random affix attached to an item. The new Common Red Gems will add a +25% chance for an affix, while the new Peerless Red Gems will guarantee an affix (but again, will cost Gold to buy).
-adventure Party performance improvements. Faster loading times for people with 50+SS in their Adventure Party!
-new cutscenes between volumes. When completing a volume, you’ll be treated to a cutscene going over what you just accomplished. These cutscenes will only play when you’re in the Lorebook and move from the end of a volume to the beginning of a new one - they won’t play when you use the volume selector to select a new volume.
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IMPORTANT: many changes coming to GoTA (including no more WE)
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