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 Using alliance challenges and boss quests to level your character

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PostSubject: Using alliance challenges and boss quests to level your character   Sat Feb 07, 2015 9:10 am

“Humfrey..” I hear you say, “I’ve finished upgrading all my buildings and completed all of my story quests, how do I keep on leveling up now that I’m not getting any experience from those two things?”

I’m glad you asked! It can be tough to keep on leveling up once experience from your buildings and story quests has all dried up.

This week on Humfrey’s How To’s we look at the best way to maximize the experience you get from Boss Quests (BQ) and Alliance Challenges (AC).

Typically, when picking a Sworn Sword (SS) for a BQ or AC you pick one of your strongest troops coupled with your strongest attack type to maximize your damage. This is fine if you are going for a 1st, 2nd or 3rd spot prize, but not good if you are looking to maximize your experience. To get the most experience you can, you need to attack like a wimp.

“But Humfrey..” you laugh, “that makes no sense. Wouldn’t more damage = more experience?”

Great question! It turns out you receive 1% experience toward your next level for each hit you make in a BQ/AC regardless of how much damage you do.

Let’s look at an example. In the following screenshot, you see that I am 55% toward my next experience level.

I use my strongest attack (in this case, Fight) in a BQ and it does 2450 damage.

Note that after that 2450 damage, my experience has gone up 1% and is now 56%.

Next, I perform my weakest attack (in this case, Swindle) and it does 810 damage.

Note that I have still gone up by another 1% to 57% despite the fact that I did about a third of the damage the second time around.

“Humfrey..” you ask, intrigued, “that all sounds great, but how does that help me level up faster?”

Aha, that’s the million dollar question! We now know that the amount of damage you deal out doesn’t affect how much experience you get from a BQ/AC. Each challenge, however, ends when a certain amount of damage is dished out by the attackers.

So, it makes sense then, if you are trying to get the most experience you can, to use weak SS, weak attacks which will drag out the BQ/AC and give more people more experience!

As an example - if a challenge ends once 100,000 damage is done, and everyone is doing 2,500 damage per hit, then 40% of experience points will be gained by the attackers (1% experience point for each of the 40 hits at 2,500 damage each). If everyone was using a weak attack that only did 500 damage though, it would take 200 hits to do 100,000 damage, and so 200 * 1% experience points are given out.

Bottom line is: the weaker the attack is, the more attacks are needed. The more attacks needed, the more experience that the attackers receive Very Happy
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Rowena waters
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PostSubject: Re: Using alliance challenges and boss quests to level your character   Sun Feb 08, 2015 8:20 am

thanks for explanation Smile
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Using alliance challenges and boss quests to level your character
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