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 New Tales system

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PostSubject: New Tales system   Wed May 06, 2015 6:21 pm

As many have you have noticed, a new expansion for GoTA has launched called Tales of Ice and Fire. This expansion has introduced a new gamemode called Tales, which run for 1 week at the end of every AvA cycle.

For the full overview of the Tales system, see DB's post here: http://www.disruptorbeam.com/blog/entry/tales-of-ice-and-fire-detailed-overview

Some features of Tales are as follows:

-the expansion comes with 2 new buildings, the Great Hall and the Dragon Pit
--the Great Hall will not add strength to your character, but all Tales items will be crafted from here (i.e. Tales Keepsakes)
--the Dragon Pit will allow anyone without all the Fealty buildings to attempt to hatch the baby dragon, although at a higher resource cost than at the Fealty buildings

-each Tale will include actions in 2/3 of the main stats (i.e. Battle and Intrigue but NOT Trade)

-select a party of 5 SS
--note: you cannot change their gear once they have entered the Tale
--note: your character's strength DOES NOT apply to the SS you send into the Tales--so equip them with the highest # stat gear you have for whatever stats will be included in the Tale
--note: your SS CAN DIE IN TALES so be mindful of what you do

-a new regenerating currency called Vigor allows you to try and complete areas within Tales (20 per attempt)

-earn a new currency called Renown by successfully completing areas within the Tales
--certain levels of Renown will earn you threshold rewards (i.e. 5 Gold at 1000 Renown, legendary item at 10 000 Renown)
--all participating players will also be ranked relative to others, based on the Renown they earn (i.e. 6000 Renown may get you rank #4000), which will also entitle you to ranked rewards

-you will have to perform 3 actions within each of the 5 areas to advance
--failing 2/3 actions will cause you to lose the Tales attempt and and Renown, silver, resources, etc. you might have earned. Consider turning back early to keep your rewards, or take the risk of continuing on and losing everything!
--each action is random from the Tale's 2 stats (i.e. can range from Steal Defend to Fight Attack), so a well-balanced team is crucial
--successfully completing all 5 areas will allow you to advance to a higher difficulty that will earn you more rewards and Renown (the 3 difficulties are Normal, Hard, and Epic)
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Posts : 194
Join date : 2014-07-31
Age : 26
Location : Canada

PostSubject: Re: New Tales system   Wed May 06, 2015 6:29 pm

Changes to the Tales systems are being made, read more here!

Change One: Changed vigor regeneration to regenerate vigor once every 6 minutes.

Change Two: We greatly reduced the difficulty of normal mode, and slightly reduced hard mode difficulty

Change Three: Normal and Hard modes now reach a maximum difficulty and remain there, and no longer lock.

Change Four: Added in a 1001 - 2500 rank, and added more gold to the 2500+ rank rewards.

Change Five: We added in more early Threshold Rewards, and added in more Keepsakes.

Change Six: We changed peerless Tales items to have bonuses outside of Tales.

Change Seven: You can now win rare, legendary, and peerless Tales items by completing Tales attempts!

Change Eight: We removed random vigor purchases, and changed some gold costs.

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New Tales system
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