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 Important Update on Daily Rewards system

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PostSubject: Important Update on Daily Rewards system   Tue Jun 23, 2015 12:32 pm

DB is updating the daily rewards, this is the direct link to DB FORUM: https://disruptorbeam.com/forums/gota/viewthread/43812/

This is a copy of Nods post, if you wish to contribute, just acess the DB forum and add your ideas.

"A small (but significant) initiative we worked on this week was redoing the daily rewards. They haven’t changed in a long, long time, and they’re not so relevant (c’mon, who needs all those boons?). So with that in mind, we’re changing them. Here’s the plan that I’d like feedback on:

EDIT: These rewards are now final.

Day 1: Uncommon item (changed from random common resource)
Day 2: 2,000 silver (changed from common boon)
Day 3: Rare seal (changed from a speed-up)
Day 4: Rare unit (changed from silver)
Day 5: Rare armor (changed from uncommon boon)
Day 6: Rare weapon (changed from rare boon)
Day 7: 5 gold (changed from 2-5 gold)

The items would be non-permanent items that you can craft or acquire in-game, and seals you would gain from PtP. Our design team thought about the gold system, and really, you’re dissatisfied 75% of the time; either you get 5 gold and are happy, or you get 2, 3, or 4 and are unhappy that you didn’t get 5.

None of this is locked in, so we’d like to hear some feedback on these changes."
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Important Update on Daily Rewards system
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