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 Tier 4 “Produce X” Upgrades-

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PostSubject: Tier 4 “Produce X” Upgrades-   Tue Jun 23, 2015 1:06 pm


Produce X upgrades are Tier 4 upgrades that cost 10 gold, and allow you to produce up to 4 items at a time, in each building you own. The only buildings that will not have these upgrades are the Great Hall, the Dragon Pit, and the Village Center (which already has one). All of these upgrades require 15 upgrades to have been built in the building to unlock, and each one costs the same: 1,000 silver, 10 gold, and two basic resources. These upgrades do provide stat boosts.

There are three levels to these Tier 4 upgrades. They won’t take your building to 30 upgrades, because we’ll be introducing other Tier 4 upgrades in the future. For now, you’ll only have 3 levels of these upgrades in each building. Sorry, players who love numbers ending in 5 or 0!

Tactics that provide bonuses should stack, so adding a tactic that allows one more queued production would change a “Produce 4” to “Produce 5”

Luck recipes can’t be queued; only non-luck recipes can be produced more than once at a time.

All of these upgrades are in the “Tier 4” position, with the exception of the Stables and Treasury, which had no Tier 3 upgrades; these Tier 4 upgrades will sit in the Tier 3 slot in those two buildings.
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Tier 4 “Produce X” Upgrades-
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