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 New Luck system

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PostSubject: New Luck system   Sun Aug 10, 2014 2:06 am

DB recently added a 'Luck' system to make it (somewhat) easier to craft certain items, such as the Dragon Egg.

The gist of it is:

- Luck applies to all chance-based crafts (i.e. rare boons, Wildfire, Cavalry Commander, Baby Dragon, etc.)
- Luck can receive bonuses to make chances of successful crafts more likely
- by default, your Luck bonus is zero
- your Luck bonus is not shared between crafts; it only applies to one recipe
- for every failed attempt at a chance-based craft, your Luck bonus will increase by +1
- your Luck bonus does not correspond to the %chance to craft, i.e. having a +3 Luck bonus does not mean your crafting chance is 3%. The %chance added by the Luck bonus depends on what you're trying to craft (i.e. every +1 Luck bonus on hatching the Dragon Egg is equivalent to an additional ~0.8% chance, but for the Cavalry Commander it's + ~3%)
- your Luck bonus resets to 0 upon a successful attempt of a chance-based craft
- you can increase your chances of crafting by adding Black Gems as a bonus to chance-based crafts. Black Gems can be found as rare drops (~1% drop chance) from the level 90 and level 105 V4 Fealty adventures
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New Luck system
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