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 How to quickly acquire common resources

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PostSubject: How to quickly acquire common resources   Mon Aug 11, 2014 11:01 pm

Sending your SS out on adventures is the quickest way to acquire common resources. Forget your Village Centre, once you have enough SS, they can gather resources much quicker and in much greater quantities than your Village Centre can, especially if you don't have the Gold upgrade for your Village Centre!

Repeating the easy V1 adventures is the most efficient way to gather common resources. They generally take only 15-30 minutes to complete, and so that means you can earn 1 resource every 15-30 minutes for every 1 SS you send out to these adventures.

For example, sending out 20 SS to End the Mudder's Poaching will typically get you 9-12 Wood every 15 minutes. If you send your SS out to this adventure a few times in a row, you'll build up a good stock of Wood in no time.

Below is a colour-coded table showing the easy V1 adventures and what common resources they drop.

Green indicates the highest drop rate (28% chance).
Yellow indicates an average drop rate (23% chance).
Orange indicates a low drop rate (16% chance).
Red indicates the lowest drop rate (14% chance).

So if you need Wood, find an Adventure with a green box in the Wood column and send as many SS as you can to that Adventure! It's generally a good idea to try and gather 2 resources you need at once, so try to find an adventure with a green box for one resource you need and yellow or orange for another. For example, if you need Grains and Fish, Tax the Smallfolk is your best choice of Adventure.

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How to quickly acquire common resources
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