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 Kings Gifts are back in 2015! Links here.

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PostSubject: Kings Gifts are back in 2015! Links here.   Sun Dec 13, 2015 7:28 pm

Peerless white raven: http://gota.disruptorbeam.com/play/special_offer/100

A turtle for battle: http://gota.disruptorbeam.com/play/special_offer/101

Peerless Thenn cannibal http://gota.disruptorbeam.com/play/special_offer/102

http://gota.disruptorbeam.com/play/special_offer/103 - Hodors cart

http://gota.disruptorbeam.com/play/special_offer/104 - Iron bank coins peerless bribe hand

http://gota.disruptorbeam.com/play/special_offer/105 Flayed man pendant~legendary unit Flayed man pendant

http://gota.disruptorbeam.com/play/special_offer/106 seal of the seven

Don't forget to get the stuff you should copy the code and paste it in your shop, where it says "Offer Code".
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Kings Gifts are back in 2015! Links here.
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