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 Acquiring uncommon resources

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PostSubject: Acquiring uncommon resources   Mon Aug 11, 2014 11:42 pm

The V3 adventures are available at early levels and have a fairly low combat strength, and since they complete fairly quickly (about 30 minutes for the shortest ones), sending out your SS to these adventures repeatedly is the best way to gather uncommon resources.

Send out as many SS as you can to whatever adventure corresponds to the resource you're looking for, and with enough time you'll get the resources you need! Keep in mind that the drop rate is still very low for these resources (likely ~5%) so don't be discouraged if your SS don't come back with any for a while.

Dyed Textile19Suppress R'hllor Cultists
Fine Wood15Scout an Advancing Army
Hard Wood13Fight in the Tourney
Lead21Foil Dragonstone Pirates
Precious Ore11Aid the War's Survivors
Steel17Save Wounded Soldiers
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Acquiring uncommon resources
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