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 New AvA System: Stage 2

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PostSubject: New AvA System: Stage 2   Tue Aug 12, 2014 1:21 am

DB's own article on Stage two of the new AvA system is here: http://www.disruptorbeam.com/blog/entry/preparing-for-stage-2-of-world-events

The key features of Stage 2 are:

- lasts for 3 weeks
- AvA actions are enabled
- Camps can be upgraded to level 20
- silver costs for upgrading camps are increased from Stage 1
- the unique spoils from Stage 1 expire, and spoils from the current Cycle are introduced
- new Alliance Challenges are introduced, and require the rare drops from the Cycle's adventures to unlock
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New AvA System: Stage 2
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