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 New AvA System: Stage 3 (i.e. World Event)

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PostSubject: New AvA System: Stage 3 (i.e. World Event)   Tue Aug 12, 2014 1:50 am

UPDATE: DB has pushed back the start date of Stage 3 of the Iron Bank Cycle to August 25th, a week later than it was initially scheduled.

DB's official version is available here: http://www.disruptorbeam.com/blog/entry/introducing-stage-3-of-world-events

Here's the rundown:

- Stage 3 lasts one week
- has a unique World Event
- there is no restriction on participating in the World Event; everyone can join, and there is no max # of players allowed
- every player can contribute to unlock the World Event
- unlocking the World Event will require AvA spoils, OR the rare rewards from the unique Cycle Adventures (i.e. Intent Moneylender)
  - each contributed item has a different 'supply value' attached to it; spoils will only be worth 1 'supply point' each, while a companion like the Intent Moneylender will be worth more (i.e. 80 supply points)
- after being unlocked, the World Event has 4 levels, and each level completed will grant a better participation reward for contributors
   - the participation reward for the World Event will be a permanent companion--if level 4 of the World Event is unlocked, this companion will be legendary!
   - Luck recipes will be available for a limited time after the end of Stage 3 to allow you to craft your companion into a Peerless version
- players can craft and use buffs to give their Alliance advantages in the World Event
- more than 500 players from a single Alliance can join the World Event--you don't have to be a War Participant to contribute
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New AvA System: Stage 3 (i.e. World Event)
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