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 The Obsidian Dagger

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PostSubject: The Obsidian Dagger   Tue Aug 12, 2014 3:27 am

What is the Obsidian Dagger?

The Obsidian Dagger (OD) is a weapon you can claim as a bonus reward in Volume 1 Chapter 10. It has +20 to all stats, plus a modifier for +5% to all attacks. It is also a permanent weapon by default, meaning it will stay with you through reincarnation without needing to spend Gold on it.

The objective you need to complete it is to win 400 PtP encounters. For an overview of how PtP works, visit our post here: http://gota-abwb.team-talk.net/t14-ptp-overview

It may sound like a lot (and it does take a fair bit of grinding) but if you know what you're doing it shouldn't be too hard to get this prized item! This guide is here to help.

How you can earn the OD

For starters, you don't have to stay in V1 to complete the bonus objective. You can continue on with the story and return to V1 C10 through the Quest Log to claim the OD whenever you complete the 400 PtP wins.

You can check how many PtP wins you have by going to your Character Screen > Stats > Player-to-Player and checking the line for "Number of PtP wins". This count resets every time you reincarnate, so you'll have to win 400 PtP actions every time you reincarnate if you want multiple copies of the OD (and it is possible to have multiple copies)!

Now to start earning your PtP wins. It's best to pick an action that won't wound your SS so you can keep sending them out without a stat penalty. This includes Aid, Barter, Bribe, and Spy. Barter is the most useful of these actions since you'll earn some silver on the side.

Next, for your chosen action, invest in the Talent that makes that action complete faster. There is one for each action and is available at Level 30. This is particularly valuable since you'll complete the PtP action of choice in 2 hours instead of 2 1/2. This means you'll be able to fit in more PtP attacks and get the OD quicker!

Now... if you want to get the OD the quickest way, the combat strength of your SS won't matter, and neither does the action (just the speed-up bonus). This is somewhat of an exploit and so may not be for everyone, but you can target inactive players (with a question mark as a banner) for your PtP attacks. DB doesn't keep the stats for inactive players on their servers forever, so these players will only have a combat strength of 1. Therefore, you're 95% guaranteed a win against these people. This is by far the quickest way to get the OD and with ~20SS and a bit of diligence you could have the OD in 3-4 days. Elyanna has a guide about it here: http://gota-abwb.team-talk.net/t40-lady-wiki-s-guide-how-to-farm-seals-and-wins-from-inactive-accounts The guide's pretty much finished here if you decide to do it this way, but otherwise, read on!

Investing in the Talents for increasing the action's strength is also a good idea. There are two for each action. One is the first Talent in the skill tree and is always available, and another becomes available at Level 60.

The quickest way to send out your SS is to use the PtP button on the right side of the screen.  From here, you can target people on your Friends List, Random players, or Recently met players. The Random players are assigned based on their Power level, so if your Power level is low, these targets will generally be easier. If you want to help out a friend with some Barters and earn the PtP wins in the meantime, you can go to your Friends List, click View Profile on them, and use the Player-to-player button above their portrait (but as of the time this guide is being written, this way glitches out after you send ~20SS, refresh to fix). Recently reincarnated people will also be easier, so if you see someone post in Alliance Chat that they've reincarnated, send some Barters their way and you'll probably win most of them!
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The Obsidian Dagger
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