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 Crafting: Elite Cavalryman (eCav)

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PostSubject: Crafting: Elite Cavalryman (eCav)   Tue Aug 12, 2014 6:35 pm

The eCav is a craftable legendary companion at the Tourney Arena. It has 10 to all stats, and +6% to all attacks and defense.

The most important component to the eCav is the Masterwork Greatsword, which takes a week just to craft all by itself. View our MWGS post here for more info on it: http://gota-abwb.team-talk.net/t36-crafting-masterwork-greatsword-mwgs

The eCav needs lots of items from almost every building, so if you plan to craft an eCav it's best to craft the items you need as soon as you construct the required buildings. For example, as soon as you get your Market, queue it up to produce 2 Gold Rings and 1 Silver Chain so you don't have to remember to craft them later.

You'll need to craft all of following items. You can copy this list to Notepad and replace the dash (-) before the items with an 'X' to make your own checklist as you go Smile

NOTE THAT THIS LIST INCLUDES ALL COMPONENT REQUIREMENTS. I.E. the Linen Clothing will go into producing a Silk Garment, the Halfhelms into a Barred Helm, the Unremarkable Tunic into a Guard's Uniform, etc. You don't need all these items for the end, just along the way.

Blacksmith (or purchase from the Shop)
- 3 x Longsword
- 5 x Leather Armour

- 2 x Gold Ring
- 1 x Silver Chain

- 1 x Linen Cloth
- 1 x Silk Garment

- 1 x Gold Torc

Practice Yard
- 2 x Halfhelm
- 1 x Barred Helm

- 1 x Unremarkable Tunic
- 1 x Guard's Uniform

- 1 x Breastplate
- 1 x Pike
- 2 x Wood Shield
- 1 x Metal Shield

Artisan's Quarters
- 1 x Purse
- 1 x Silver Torc

- 4 x Ostler
- 3 x Warhorse
- 1 x Steel-shod Warhorse

Tourney Arena
- 1 x Foot Soldier
- 1 x Armoured Knight
- 1 x Mounted Knight
- 1 x Lancer
- 1 x Heavy Knight
- 1 x Elite Cavalryman

The Steel-shod Warhorse also needs 4 x Steel, so Adventure to V3 Level 17 - Save the Wounded Soldiers until you get the 4 Steel.

And I was almost too lazy to calculate the time required to craft everything--almost too lazy. I really wish I hadn't. It's ~180 hours without speed-ups (although many of the items can be produced simultaneously, so it won't actually take 180 hours). Not even counting the MWGS, which is another 155 hours for ~355 hours total for the eCav.

It should go without saying that you should absolutely use a red gem when your eCav is in production to get a boost in obtaining a superior result!

The eCav is an awesome companion however, and during my time playing I've crafted 4 of them. Asides from the MWGS, it doesn't feel like they take too long to produce. Crafting an eCav is more of an annoyance than anything just because of all the different objects it requires, so hope this guide helped keep things straight!
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Crafting: Elite Cavalryman (eCav)
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