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 Crafting: Cavalry Commander (CC)

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PostSubject: Crafting: Cavalry Commander (CC)   Tue Aug 12, 2014 8:25 pm

The CC is a craftable peerless companion from the Tourney Arena. It is a chance-based craft, but upon a successful craft, it has 15 to all stats, +6% to all attacks and defense, and 3% faster attacks. I don't have any info on what the chance is to craft the CC, but I'm guessing it's about 5-7%.

There are three items you need for attempting the craft the CC. One is an eCav, so you can view our guide here if you need help crafting an eCav: http://gota-abwb.team-talk.net/t37-crafting-elite-cavalryman-ecav

You'll also need 4 Grand Pack Horses. They're a rare drop (~1% chance) from Adventures in the Red Mountains.

Grand Pack Horse x 4I100Evacuate the Mountain Men
III95Find the Lost Bride

You'll also need 2 Grand Barred Helms. These are produced from the Armory, with the following crafting components:

- 4 Halfhelms
- 2 Barred Helms

Grand Barred Helms also require 8 Steel and 6 Lead, so you can visit these two Adventures to get those items:

Lead x 6III21Foil the Dragonstone Pirates
Steel x 8III17Save Wounded Soldiers

Now, this is where things get a little bit more complicated. Because the CC is a chance-based craft, every attempt you make at crafting it will consume the resources you gathered for it. This does not, thankfully, include the eCav--this will persist through attempts, but you'll need to gather the 4 Grand Pack Horses and craft 2 more Grand Barred Helms every time you make an attempt for the CC.

And, because each attempt at the CC also costs 20 000 silver, you want the highest possible chance you can get to craft it so you don't waste the resources and silver on too many failed attempts. This will, however, involve Adventuring for another rare 1% drop, Black Gems, from the level 90 and level 105 V4 Fealty Adventures.

Black Gems add to your Luck bonus, either by +1 or by +2. This doesn't mean they'll increase your chance of crafting by 1% or 2%--the %chance given by each Luck bonus is determined by the item. For the CC, I'm estimating this is ~3% per Luck bonus. For more info on the Luck system, see our other post here http://gota-abwb.team-talk.net/t27-new-luck-system.

Each failed attempt at the CC will increase your Luck bonus by +1 (~3%). That means you'll be paying 20K silver, 4 Grand Pack Horses, and 2 Grand Barred Helms for every +1 Luck--unless you have Black Gems. An Uncommon Black Gem will give you +2 Luck, not only netting you a ~6% greater chance of crafting the CC but also saving you 40K silver, 8 Grand Pack Horses, and 4 Grand Barred Helms that you would otherwise have needed to get a +2 Luck bonus. You'll still also get the +1 Luck bonus if you fail while using an Uncommon Black Gem, meaning that you'll end up with +3 (~9%) Luck Bonus per attempt by using the Black Gems. So while they are extra work to acquire, I consider the Black Gems worth the effort.

As a final note, however, the CC cannot roll with any prefixes/suffixes. That means you cannot have a Refined CC, or a CC of the Stag. Unless you add seals to the CC, he'll only have the base stats--15 to all stats, 6% to all atk/def, and 3% faster attacks. But he is still a very good companion to craft towards the end-game!
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Crafting: Cavalry Commander (CC)
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