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 Lady Wiki's Guide : How Many Sworn Swords Should You Have?

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PostSubject: Lady Wiki's Guide : How Many Sworn Swords Should You Have?   Wed Aug 13, 2014 2:00 pm

Sworn Swords. Plenty of people have plenty of questions of how to use this feature of the game to advance themselves. This album answers only some of those questions. Starting with - how many should you have at all times?

The simplest Answer to that question is = Command Points + 10.

But that answer creates more questions. Like what is a command point? Let's start there.

The Command Point System limits the number of actions a player can do simultaneously. Every 5 levels you receive another command point to increase the number of SS (Sworn Swords) you can have doing Adventures, PtP, or AvA simultaneously.  Adventures are how you gain resources, gear, silver, experience and stronger SS. PtP is how you gain seals, experience, silver and stronger SS. AvA is how we gain status and power in Westeros. For all those reasons you want to always have enough SS to use all of your Command Points.

Okay so how do you find out how many Command Points you have? You can look in several places. It is displayed in the top left hand corner of the adventure party tab, and also above the adventures you can send your SS on, and also within the garrison tab of the war camps. Below are some screen shots with the area where the command points are located highlighted in some fashion or another. If you click on them then you can view a larger,clearer version in a separate tab.

So why do you need ten more SS then that number? Because there are actions you can take that do not involve using command points. All your main adventure quest do not use Command Points. Your quest invites from friends? No Command Points. Alliance Challenges do not use Command Points either. By having additional SS you can help your friends, jump into any alliance challenge that has started, and do all your main quest line all at once. This increases how much experience and therefor power that you can gain in the time you spend online playing.

My tip on getting enough SS to maximize your power gain is to buy Cheap especially while you are still working on your buildings. Once your buildings are established you will have plenty of income between every 5 levels to buy the peerless to help make your quest for ultimate power that much easier.

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Lady Wiki's Guide : How Many Sworn Swords Should You Have?
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