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 Crafting: Braavosi Longship (and Peerless upgrades)

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PostSubject: Crafting: Braavosi Longship (and Peerless upgrades)   Mon Sep 01, 2014 9:33 pm

After a very, very close battle, we ended up just a bar short of earning the legendary Braavosi Longship in the Iron Bank World Event.

Never fear, however--you can still craft the Braavosi Longship by using a limited-time recipe in the Godswood. The recipes are available for 13 days following the end of the Iron Bank Cycle, and so everyone has until Sunday, September 14 to craft them.

The Braavosi Galleon is a very fine vessel in and of itself. Its stats are:
- 8 to all stats
- 3% faster attacks on Quests and Adventures

The stats on the Braavosi Longship are:
- 15 to all stats
- 1% to all atk/def
- 3% faster attacks

Both also have 3 seal slots unlocked by default, which you normally would have to pay 12-15 Gold for, which makes these companions a fine addition to any army. Furthermore, all versions of the Braavosi Ship are permanent by default.

By itself, the Longship's only real bonuses over the Galleon is its increased base stat (from 8 to 15) and the 3% faster attacks to every action. The Galleon's attack speed bonus only affects Quests and Adventures, but the Longship's bonus will also affect AvA and PtP actions.

However, the Longship can also be turned into one of three peerless variants, and so I'd recommend pursuing this crafting task before time runs out!

Crafting the Longship

NOTE: all the while you're Adventuring, start producing the crafted items you'll need for the peerless attempts later. For the Battle vessel, you'll need Shortbows (from the Practice Yard); for the Trade vessel, you'll need Carts (from the Warehouse); and for the Intrigue vessel, you'll need Leather Belts (from the Shanty).

The Longship is a chance-based craft. This means that fulfilling the recipe requirements listed in the Godswood will only give you a chance to create the vessel. For each attempt at crafting the Longship, you will need to Adventure for the following items:

Rainwood Cloak x 6I33Cape Wrath (Find the Escaped Convicts)
III21Cape Wrath (Foil Dragonstone Pirates)
Hard Wood x 4III13Kingswood (Fight in the Tourney)

NOTE: If you plan to create the peerless Battle version of the Braavosi ship, I'd recommend running the V3 Adventure for the Cloaks (Level 21, Foil Dragonstone Pirates), as it also gives Lead that you'll need for the later attempts at the peerless Battle vessel.

If you plan to make the Trade or Intrigue peerless vessel, run the V1 Adventure, as the drop rate for the Cloaks is higher for this Adventure.

The strength for these Adventures ranges from 29-79 and only take ~30 minutes to complete (or less). Thus, they are quite easy to get, and so getting the Braavosi Longship should be obtainable by everyone!

Every attempt you make at the Longship will consume the 6 Cloaks and 4 Hard Wood, and so unless you're incredibly lucky, you'll be needing fairly large quantities of these items.

If you have the strength, you should also look into acquiring some Black Gems for future use, but I would recommend saving them until you attempt for the peerless.  Black Gems are excellent in crafting because they add +% to crafting chance that carries over between attempts. These are available in the V4 Fealty Adventures, but the lowest-level Adventure that drops them is Level 90 (the Adventure's difficulty is 279). Since the drop rate for the Black Gems is only about ~1%, these may not be worth the time to pursue unless your success ratio is 2/3 or 3/4 (558-837 attack strength). Their drop rate is more frequent (~3-4%) from a higher difficulty Adventure, Level 120, so if your combat strength is above 830, you can pursue the Level 120 Adventure instead (its strength is 396).

For others with a combat strength of 692-1000+, they can consider pursuing the Uncommon Black Gems (V4 Adventure Level 105; difficulty is 346). Again, their drop rate is only +1%, but they provide +2 Luck, whereas the Common Black Gems only provide +1.

If you don't have the strength to complete these Fealty Adventures, don't worry, you'll be fine! Just use Blue Gems for a +6% chance bonus each time you attempt to craft. Since the Adventures for the Cloaks and Hard Wood take ~30 minutes to complete, you should be able to build up large enough quantities to get the Longship. Your chance to craft the Longship will increase by an additional 6% every time you fail an attempt, and so with enough tries you can still get the vessel!

Each +1 Luck for the Longship is equivalent to a 6% greater chance of crafting, so every attempt you're guaranteed a minimum 6% greater chance of crafting the Longship. Since its base chance is 10%, everybody is absolutely guaranteed a Longship after 15 attempts without any Gem (about a week's worth of attempts, provided you have the Cloaks and Hard Wood always in stock). This is only if you're terribly unlucky however; the average attempt to craft the Longship will likely be 5-6 (40-46% chance; 2-3 days of attempts)--and that's without any Black or Blue Gems! This is why I recommend saving the Black Gems--the Longship by itself is fairly easy to craft.

Crafting the Peerless Versions

The three peerless versions (and their respective components) are:

(BATTLE) Braavosi Warship(TRADE) Braavosi Trade Galleon(INTRIGUE) Braavosi Carrack

+35 to Battle
+4% to Battle when attacking
+6% to Battle when defending
+4% faster Battle attacks

6 x Shortbow (Practice Yard)
6 x Lead

+30 to Trade
+8% faster Trade attacks
+8% more silver from quests, adventures, and PtP

6 x Cart (Warehouse)
6 x Precious Ore

+30 to Intrigue
+6% to Spy for atk/def
+5% faster Intrigue attacks
+50% chance to add +12% to any Steal or Sabotage attack or defense

6 x Leather Belt (Shanty)
6 x Fine Wood

Remember, the easiest Adventures for these uncommon resources are:

Hard Wood13Fight in the Tourney
Lead21Foil Dragonstone Pirates
Precious Ore11Aid the War's Survivors

This is where you want to use the Black Gems. The chance to craft the peerless variants is fairly low--5%, half of the chance for the legendary vessel. Each +1 Luck for the peerless ships is equivalent to a 4% greater chance of crafting, and so your Luck bonus is important here. Again, however, since you don't need much strength for the Adventure requirements, the peerless vessel can (potentially) be obtained through grinding out enough attempts--the only thing that will hold you back is the 6 crafted components, which will require 18 hours to craft per attempt. Thus, for people pursuing the peerless vessels, I'd highly recommend obtaining the Black Gems, or else you may run out of time to attempt crafts (the recipe itself takes 12 hours to complete). Each Common Black Gem will give you save you the equivalent of 18 hours of crafting (to get +1 Luck otherwise, you'd have to waste 18 hours of crafting) and each Uncommon Black Gem will save you 36 hours of crafts (2 attempts' worth of crafting). Besides, our camps may need those items when AvA starts on September 2nd!

Best of luck everyone! Very Happy
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Crafting: Braavosi Longship (and Peerless upgrades)
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