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 GOTA Hatching the Dragon Egg

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PostSubject: GOTA Hatching the Dragon Egg   Sat Aug 02, 2014 8:07 pm

EDITED 22/02/2015: Now edited to reflect the massive Adventure overhaul!

EDITED 06/05/2015: Now edited with the addition of Tales of Ice and Fire!

This guide is a version of the full one available here: http://gotascent.wikia.com/wiki/Quickening_the_Dragon_Egg

The Baby Dragon is one of best companions in the game--41 to all stats, +7% to all attacks and defense, 7% faster quests and adventures, and more. Obtaining it, however, is without a doubt the longest process in the game. Personally, I don't know anyone with a Baby Dragon, so this guide is second-hand.

And as of September 2014, there are now recipes to evolve a live dragon into a specialized version for Battle, Trade, or Intrigue. And let me tell you, those beasts are mighty. They have 50 in the stat of choice (but 0 in the other two) and bonuses tailored to each version.

Young Dragons were introduced in the Tales of Ice and Fire expansion in May 2015. They are craftable at a new building, the Dragon Pit, and have a default model as well as a specialized one for Battle (Red), Trade (Green), and Intrigue (Tan). Only a Red Baby Dragon can be evolved into a Red Young Dragon, so choose which colour you want carefully! The all-around Young Dragon has 50 to all stats, 10% to all attacks and defense, and 8% faster attacks, whereas the coloured ones have 60 to their stat of choice (but again, 0 in the other two), 12% to attack and defense of that stat, and 12% faster attacks for that stat.

Furthermore, with the Tales of Ice and Fire expansion, it is no longer necessary to go through the fealties to be able to hatch the egg. The hatching attempts can be made at the new Dragon Pit, but the attempts are more costly resource-wise (and the building is expensive silver-wise as well). So expect to see more dragons on the horizon in the coming months!

Part I: Obtaining a Live Dragon Egg

The first step is to buy a Dormant Dragon Egg from the Shop. There's no way around this; you have to spend gold to get the Dormant Dragon Egg. It costs 53 Gold (and occasionally pops up in special deal packs, so keep an eye out). You'll also need to buy 3 Gold building upgrades later on, likely bringing your total to a minimum of 68 Gold. If you want to get the full set of Gold upgrades detailed in this guide, your total will be 100 Gold. The full set of Gold purchases is as follows:

- Dormant Dragon Egg (53 Gold)
- Sept Gold building upgrade (5 Gold)
- Godswood Gold building upgrade (5 Gold)
- R'hllor Temple Gold building upgrade (5 Gold)

- Alchemist's Guild Gold building upgrade (5 Gold)
- Treasure Seekers Adventure Party Gold Talent (7 Gold)
- Master Treasure Seekers Adventure Party Gold Talent (15 Gold)
- Arbor (Tyrell) Gold building upgrade (5 Gold)

As early as you can in your quickening life, start crafting and hoarding all of the following crafted items. Crafting the Ceremonial Dagger will require you to buy 2 Gold building upgrades, one at the Sept and another at the R'hllor Temple:

-Leather-bound Book (Market or Shop)
-Silver Brooch (Market)
-Milk of the Poppy, Linen Clothing (Embassy)
-Dagger (Blacksmith)
-Wooden Shield (Armory)
-Devout, Septa, Ceremonial Dagger (Sept)
-Seer, Woods Witch (Godswood)
-Incense, Red Robe, Red Priest, Oracle, Offering (R'hllor Temple)

After you get those buildings going, start adventuring ASAP. You will need to obtain 3 Ceremonial Bowls and 9 Sacrifices from Adventures. If you have the Martell Glasshouse, you can produce the Ceremonial Bowls from there. For non-Martells, the adventures where you can obtain these items are:

Ceremonial Bowl x 3II58The Haunted Forest (Clear the Icy Forest)
II92The Free Cities (The Mad Dog Bounty)
Sacrifice x 9II59The Free Cities (Find the Wayward Noble)
76Eastern Waters (Escort the Merchant's Ship)
99Dothraki Sea (Plight of the Lamb Men)
III125Red Fork (Bring Overdue Justice)

Since the massive Adventure overhaul in January 2015, drop rates have changed considerably. The lowest level adventures may seem like the most logical option to run to get the items (since they're a) easier and b) quicker, so you'd think that would increase your return rate). However, from what I've been able to judge so far, the drop rates on the low-level adventures is absolutely abysmal (<1%). I've found the best return rate (for most people) comes from the mid-level adventures (i.e. V2L76 gives ~1.5%) because a) they're still fairly quick and b) difficulties for high-level adventures (i.e. V2L99) have been increased. Remember, return rate is not only a function of number of runs, but number of wins as well--it doesn't matter how many times you run an adventure, just how many you actually win. So which adventure should you run for mats? Run the highest-level adventure that still gives you an Easy rating is my advice. Feel free to correct me on this, I see a lot of talk about this point!

For those too lazy for all those details, you can consider investing in the Bonus Rolls. Since you'll be generating lots of XP from the Adventures, investing Gold in the Bonus Roll talents (7 Gold for first version, 15 Gold for Master's) for the Adventure Party can be a good idea at this time.

There is also a Gold building upgrade at the Alchemist's Guild that makes you complete Adventures faster (10% at max rank). This is another good investment for serious dragon hunters, especially since it's available to all Fealties.

Lastly, these items (Sacrifices and Ceremonial Bowls) as well as items needed for hatching attempts (i.e Weirwood and Crystal Swords) can be obtained through AvA. Actions made from a level 20 camp have a chance at superior reward, which includes many of these items. So get your SS in the camps!

The next step is to craft an Offering Bowl from the R'hllor Temple. This will consume the 3 Ceremonial Bowls and the 9 Sacrifices, as well the 2 Ceremonial Daggers.

So: now you have an Offering Bowl and a Dormant Dragon Egg. The last item you need for this part is Incense, of which you'll need 7. You can also craft them from the R'hllor Temple (crafting Flickering Fires from the Temple is the easiest way to get the Black Ash for them), or adventure for them here:

Incense x 7II63Oldtown (Thwart Superstitious Cult)
82Blue Fork (Repair Fairmarket Bridge)

This is the last step of this part! With Offering Bowl, 7 Incense, and Dormant Dragon Egg in hand, you head over to the Alchemist's Guild... for a 1% chance to awaken the Dormant Dragon Egg. With the addition of the Luck system and the Black Gems, use the best Black Gems you have for this part to increase that chance from 1%, because every attempt you make will consume both the Offering Bowl and the 7 Incense, meaning you'll have to farm for/craft those ingredients again (which is why you'll likely need large quantities of all the above listed crafted items). If you're looking for Black Gems, they are a rare drop from the level 90 and 105 V4 Fealty adventures, so that's more farming for you!

Part II: Hatching the Dragon Egg

When fortune finally smiles upon you and you successfully awaken the Dormant Dragon Egg, it will be replaced with the peerless Dragon Egg with slightly better stats. But your journey is far from over.

There are now two buildings where you can make your hatching attempts: the Targaryen Reliquary or the Dragon Pit. I recommend getting at least the Targaryen Reliquary (and maybe the Lannister Mine), even if you plan to use the Dragon Pit to hatch. Why?
A) Hatching attempts cost only 4 Pyres at the Reliquary as opposed to 6 at the Dragon Pit, and Pyres are the most time-consuming of the crafts. As for the Mine, the Jeweled Armour is 50% more expensive to craft at the Dragon Pit, and since hatching can take months of effort, picking up those 2 Fealty buildings alone will save you a lot of time adventuring.
B) This also will reduce some of the time you need to craft the items (since you can keep your Dragon Pit crafting while the Jeweled Armour is being produced or the egg is cooking)

Getting all 5 Fealty buildings is ideal, because:
A) you can have all 5 Buildings crafting simultaneously (saving you lots of crafting time)
B) because the items at the Fealty buildings are much cheaper
For people with all the Fealty buildings (or who want to go the reincarnating way), you'll need these 5 Fealty buildings:

- Baratheon Feast
- Stark Hunting Lodge
- Greyjoy Shipyard
- Lannister Mine
- Targaryen Reliquary

Greyjoy is the best choice for the final reincarnation, since they have a talent to complete Adventures faster, which will go a long way in gathering resources.

Whichever building you choose (Reliquary or Pit), this is also a good time to start stocking up on:
-Flickering Fire, Pyres (from R'hllor Temple) (especially the Pyres!)
-Wildfire (Alchemist's Guild)
-Pure Water (Alchemist's Guild, or from the Tyrell Arbor with the Gold building upgrade)
-Breastplates (from the Armory, for all the Forest Armours you'll need to craft)

You will need all of these items in large quantities later.

Now that I have experience attempting to hatch the egg, I can say that I recommend having the Gold building upgrade for the Arbor (Tyrell fealty building) because the Pure Water you make from the Alchemist's Guild consumes Black Ash (which you need in large quantities for the Sparkling Gems) and Mead (which is a valuable commodity if you're planning to reinc more in the future). Since you need Pure Water in fairly large quantities, having the Arbor churn them out saves you time farming for Black Ash, since the Pure Water from the Arbor can be easily crafted with common resources (Grain, Wood, and Cloth) and your Arbor will most likely be idle so might as well have it do something!

Now for more adventuring. The numbers go by Fealty Buildings/Dragon Pit (so if you're hatching via the Dragon Pit, follow the second quantity). In addition to the list below, you'll also need 30-40 Lead, 15 Steel, 48-72 Precious Ore, and 48-72 Ore, but to save space I won't list where to find these items since they're rewards for lots of adventures. And in case any of you are wondering, this is the point where I'm starting to wonder why I'm writing this guide with the Wiki link just above me. The rare drops you'll need are:

Valyrian Glyph x 10/15II78City Gates (Quell a Smallfolk Riot)
100Flea Bottom (Feed Starving Smallfolk)
III125Red Fork (Bring Overdue Justice)
Weirwood x 15/20II75The Frostfangs (The Northern Mule Drive)
98The Frostfangs (Join the Wildling Hunt)
III125Red Fork (Bring Overdue Justice)
Black Ash x 48/72 (and more)II61Blackwater Bay (Patrolling the Bay)
93Flea Bottom (Raid Brothel For Traitors)
Crystal Sword x 3/4II90The Haunted Forest (Rescue the Lost Ranger)
Pure Water x 6/15 (and more)II84The Mander (Repair Damaged Floodworks)
III103Eastern Waters (Find the Bannerman's Daughter)
Wildfire (many!)III98Summerhall (Gather Fast-Flying Ravens)

All of these resources will go into crafting:

- 2 Aurochs (from the Baratheon Feast) OR 3 Aurochs (from the Dragon Pit)
- 3 Forest Armour (from the Godswood) OR 4 Forest Armour (if hatching from the Dragon Pit)
- 1 Great Horn (from Stark Hunting Lodge) OR 1 Great Horn (from the Dragon Pit)
- 8 Sparkling Jewels (if you have the Lannister Mine) OR 12 Sparkling Jewels (if you don't have the Mine)
- 1 Jeweled Armor (from Lannister Mine, will consume the Sparkling Jewels) OR 1 Jeweled Armour (from the Dragon Pit)
- 1 Dragon Horn (from Greyjoy Shipyard, will consume all of the above) OR 1 Dragon Horn (from the Dragon Pit)

Both the Jeweled Armor and the Dragon Horn need Forest Armor to craft, meaning you'll have to pay 5 Gold to unlock the Godswood gold building upgrade.

Using the Dragon Horn to attempt to hatch the Dragon Egg at the Targaryen Reliquary or the Dragon Pit will consume it.

For attempts at the Reliquary, 4 Pyres are required along with the Dragon Horn to attempt to hatch the Dragon Egg. For the Dragon Pit, you'll need 6 Pyres.

Since the chance of hatching the Egg is a mere 0.33%, your Luck bonus will be extremely important at this point. Each +1 Luck bonus counts for 0.23% greater chance of hatching the egg, so per every failed attempt with an Uncommon Black Gem (+2 Luck), you'll be increasing your chance of hatching by 0.7%. This is how your chance will increase for the first 10 attempts if you use an Uncommon Black Gem every attempt, as opposed to a Common Black Gem or no gem at all.

Attempt #No GemCommon GemUncommon Gem

Therefore, you would need 10 attempts without a gem to get the same chance you would have if you used a Common Black Gem 5 times. And you would need 9 attempts with a Common Black Gem to get the same chance you would have if you used an Uncommon Black Gem 6 times. The Uncommon Black Gems will save you a lot of time farming, so I highly recommend pursuing them!

On a successful craft, the egg will hatch into the lovely Baby Dragon with 41 to all stats. This guide took me so long to write that I'm no longer excited at the idea. Anyone with experience or corrections is welcome to comment!

Best of luck to those who undertake this noble venture!

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PostSubject: Re: GOTA Hatching the Dragon Egg   Mon Dec 15, 2014 8:56 am

Thanks a zillion for writing this up! Since I am one of the undertakers (still havent got the egg to begin with!) this will be of much use.
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GOTA Hatching the Dragon Egg
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