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 [CLOSED] Glitched Boss Challenges

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PostSubject: [CLOSED] Glitched Boss Challenges   Sun Aug 03, 2014 2:26 am

EDIT: as of September 2014, DB has fixed many of these Boss Challenges, and so this thread is now locked due to irrelevancy.

There are a few Boss Challenges in the games where the buttons do not correspond to the action that will be used. For instance, a Battle button will be displayed on the screen, but clicking the button will actually calculate damage using your Trade stat. If you're not hitting as strongly as you should be in a Boss Challenge, that may be the reason.

This is a list of known glitched Boss Challenges. It's not comprehensive (and some of it's from memory so bear with me!) If you have any more to add or something to correct, please comment, I'd like this list to be complete as possible!

VolumeChallenge NameDescription
V1 C8The Battle of Whispering WoodFirst button is always Fight
VU C2Washing Our HandsFirst button is always Trade
VU C13Burn the DragonsAll options are Battle
VU C15Death by Shoddy MasonryMiddle button is Trade; last button is Intrigue
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[CLOSED] Glitched Boss Challenges
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